The Human Mind

The Mind

There isn't really a way of talking objectively about the mind because first, the words come through the mind, second they are heard through the mind, and third, there is not such thing as objectivity!

It is like trying to tell an official about a conspiracy — without knowing that the official is head of the conspiracy.

In India they have called what we call reality, Maya — illusion, unreal.

Everything we think about, or try not to think about, is based on the information that has been picked up by what the mind thinks it has heard.

Of course there are many studies that show each person has a different interpretation of a similar event, but, of course, so do the researchers.

Mind spins the illusory web of maya that filters and interprets all experience. The human mind is addicted to concepts and dreams and cannot know the true nature of consciousness.
The lower cannot know the higher.

The human mind is programed to cling tenaciously to dreams, words and concepts. ~* Maitreya

So every concept, every belief, every idea — is just that, an idea. And then we have an idea of what is an idea, or what it is like not to have an idea.

We think, we presume, that there are certain certainties. And there are not any. None. Can you get that? — we cannot be certain of anything at all. Nothing. All is an illusion!

We presume that if we banged our head then that is a reality. There is a head, there was something we banged into, and we know what our physical experience is. But we don't. The whole experience may be just something that does not have a valid explanation.

All these texts, sermons, teachings, including what you are reading now, is not the truth. The few people that have awoken to another level have tried to share with us their experience of their non-experience, but we can only experience the non-experience through experience. Which is not non-experience.

As Lao Tzu is quoted as saying, "The truth cannot be said. If it is said it is not the truth." Perhaps, thats why the very awakened ones go into isolation and seclusion.

"Those who speak do not know, those who know are silent,
I heard this saying from the old gentleman (Lao Tzu).
If the old gentleman was one who knew the Way,
Why did he feel able to write five thousand words?" as Bo Juyi describes...

So don’t take anything too seriously.


The above does not say it — because it cannot be said!!

- posted to Mahamudra