All you read here is NOT the truth!



In writing these words... I am only indicating, touching, giving a taste, sharing, a glimpse of This, because the Truth cannot be written about. Love cannot be written about. Anything said about the truth, about love is not the Truth, is not Love. Anything said about the Truth puts the Truth in a box. Anything said about Love puts Love in a box. Love and Truth cannot be confined by words. The love that is talked about is not Love. So take in these words without thinking, without understanding. Feel and absorb. Because this is only a menu, and you will never satisfy your hunger by eating the menu. The banquet is here. The banquet is ready for you. Simply be available. Feel and be open to the unknowable. Because Love is all. Love is Who You Are. Love has no conditions.


Staying consciously connected to the flow of life is both enjoyable and transformative.


Spiritual Growth

Understanding the message in this book will benefit you tremendously. It can help you avoid most of the traps for your ego. Transcending unconscious, irrational and limiting beliefs opens you to self-enquiry. Understanding that surrender is the only real solution brings a divine gracefulness to your life.
Yet all of this is secondary to meditation: sitting silently doing nothing is the most effective method of spiritual growth. By remaining unoccupied and alert to your inner world, many miracles happen. You become aware of the subtle energies in the depth of your being. You contact, expose and heal the old wounds of early life and past lives. You find freedom from the thought processes that limit your life energy, and eventually you discover what you really are: silent blissful awareness, beyond all trace of subtle thought.

With energetic support of a living buddha, your spiritual growth is significantly intensified and accelerated.
This is the main reason why buddhas will always be needed. Surrender is only to the One, but without the energetic support of a living buddha the journey is more difficult and takes much longer.
Teachers in the first stage of enlightenment are actually bodhisattvas; they do not have the full capacity to absorb your negativity and turn it into nectar. But they can assist you in many ways. Bodhisattvas have soft sweet energy and they are closer to you than buddhas.

The word buddha refers to both second stage and fully enlightened people from all traditions. They often share primarily with silent meditation and love. Awareness and acceptance are usually their main teachings.
There are about seventy buddhas in the second stage of enlightenment who are very helpful to meditators. They are mostly male and have powerful third eyes. They can work effectively using silent awareness.
Osho was fully enlightened but didn't sit silently with his people much. He always said they weren't ready. He talked more about silence than almost anyone and used his energy to share his vision of Zorba the Buddha.

Now the moment of truth is upon us; the time for silent meditation has arrived. Prepare yourself to face the light by any method that suits you. Yoga, martial arts, therapy, rebirthing and many new-age practices are perfect. Dance, sing and celebrate. Meet life with an open heart. Make spiritual growth your priority and allow the flow of life to carry you deeper and deeper inside with as few unverified beliefs as possible. Don't take spiritual growth too seriously.

Beloveds, reading and understanding this book helps tremendously; it puts you on solid ground. Yet for most seekers of truth, only silent surrender in the divine light of consciousness brings freedom.
When you are ready for rapid spiritual growth, find an enlightened friend to meditate with. Buddhas and bodhisattvas are channels for divine light. Sitting silently with them in meditation helps tremendously; they have the capacity to absorb your negativity and transform it into light and love.

An excerpt from Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization by Maitreya Ishwara



You are too full of gibberish, you know too much. Because of your borrowed knowledge and too many words moving inside you, you cannot see the wordless beauty that can onlybe experienced in silence.


Tasting Brownies ~Kip

To say it in a nutshell, you are identified with your thoughts and this separate sense of I.
That is what keeps you from experiencing unconditional peace.
So you must learn to experience yourself beyond this identification with thinking.
Therefore, the more teachings you read, the greater the chance you will be more and more caught up in thought.
That is why I recommend to pick a practice that helps you get out of your identification with thinking and stick to it.
For spirituality is not about acquiring knowledge, it is about going beyond your identification with knowledge and experiencing yourself as you truly are in this moment.
You have to meditate to experience meditation.
You can read all the recipes in the world about how to make brownies but unless you start baking, you will never get to taste one.


The beauty of truth is that truth never insists.



The way you experience yourself is your only reality. It is precisely this experience of yourself we are deepening. If you are in a state of forgetfulness, completely identified with the mind, you don't really exist. The way you experience yourself is just a mess. There is nothing stable inside, nothing you can rely upon. There is just the fluctuation of thoughts, emotions and energy. This type of existing is called suffering. You are not suffering because of your desires or attachments. The primal reason you are suffering is because of the way you experience yourself, your own isness.



Pay attention to the subtileness
that are not in words
comprehend what can not be
captured by understanding


Maitreya Ishwara

You are addicted to dreams of the future and memories of the past. The primary illusion is identification with your mind as 'me'.
Immersion in the fire of Now burns away your obsession with these illusions of the mind.



You eat not food but ideas. What you wear are not clothes, but labels and names.



Be aware in each moment to be with what is.


People who are involuntarily exposed to information that increases dissonance are likely to discount that information, either by ignoring it, misinterpreting it, or denying it.


Consciously or unconsciously we refuse to see... because we do not really want to let go of our problems; for what would we be without them?


Wei Wu Wei

Whatever you may be, you are being 'lived.' You are not travelling, as you think: you are being 'travelled.'
Remember: you are in a train. Stop trying to carry your baggage yourself! It will come along with you anyhow.


Are you ready to lose your world?
Because true awakening will not fit into the world as you imagine it or the self you imagine yourself to be. Reality is not something that you integrate into your personal view of things. Reality is life without your distorting stories, ideas and beliefs. It is perfect unity free of all reference points, with nowhere to stand and nothing to grab hold of. It has never been spoken, never been written, never been imagined. It is not hidden, but in plain view. Cease to cherish opinions and it stands before your very eyes. —Adyashanti



In the softness of 'now', there is a vast presence, a place where sound caresses and colors and forms touch. To sink into this presence is to expand into truth. —Umi


The task of any useful spiritual practice is therefore to dismantle cherishing the thoughts, opinions and ideas that make up the false self, theself that is seeking. This is the true task of both meditation and inquiry. Through meditation, we can come to see that the only thing that makes ussuffer is our own mind. Sitting quietly reveals the mind to be nothing but conditioned thinking spontaneously arising within awareness. —Adyashanti


A spoon cannot taste of the food it carries.
Likewise, a foolish man
cannot understand the wise man's wisdom
even if he associates
with a sage. –Gautama


Maitreya Ishwara

Every soul is an expression of divine consciousness. The soul's individuality provides the distinctions required for the drama of life to unfold; the appearance of separation is a prerequisite for all interaction in the dance of life.

We are multidimensional beings with separate bodies, minds and souls. At the level of consciousness, however, we are all part of the eternal One, God-the-beyond.
This underlying oneness is revealed more and more as we grow slowly but inexorably in awareness and love. With the flowering of enlightenment, oneness becomes your everyday experience of divine life - in the ecstasy of freedom from yourself.
The purpose of life after enlightenment is to enjoy the wonder of oneness, love and bliss - and to be helpful to friends who are still suffering.


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

A reminder to make sure you read this book -- at least once.
He says it all, very clearly and in a very simple and practical way.
Especially in the last chapter.

Acceptance; Enjoyment; Enthusiasm.

Not what you do, but how you do what you do determines whether you are fulfilling your destiny. And how you do what you do is determined by your state of consciousness.