Your spirit is mingled with mine
as wine is mixed with water;
whatever touches you touches me.
In all the stations of the soul you are I.

I am the One whom I love, and the One whom I love is myself.

When Enlightenment happened to the Sufi Mystic AlHillaj Mansoor, he declared, 'Ana'l Haq!'--- I am the truth. His Master Junaid said 'Yes, you have attained. But you need to keep quiet, otherwise you will be in great danger. This is a secret between you and me.' But Mansoor was in such deep ecstasy that he could not refrain from declaring, 'Ana'l Haq!' 'I am God!' and even in the market place. Soon the news spread and the authorities said, 'This is sacrilegious and this man has to be executed.' So Manoor was stoned to death and as they were stoning him, he was laughing, he was so full of joy. Someone asked him, 'Why are you laughing?' Mansoor answered, 'Because you believe that you are killing Mansoor, but Mansoor cannot die. Mansoor is not this body. This is such a joke! I am the Truth, Ana'l Haq!'

You glide between the heart and its casing as tears glide from the eyelid.
You dwell in my inwardness, in the depths of my heart, as souls dwell in bodies.
Nothing passes from rest to motion unless you move it in hidden ways,
O new moon.

It was not him who claimed
Ana'l-Haq (I am the truth),
It was the Friend in whom he had lost his self.
It was the Beloved.