The Vastness of Truth

I do not wish to give you more words.

You have enough.

The blank white page is all that needs to be seen.
But you cannot see it, you keep looking for something else.
Involved with so many pictures, words and stories.

Reading issues and books on enlightenment to help free yourself
from your mind is like eating doughnuts to lose weight.

You cannot get it with the mind.

For it is your identification with the mind
that keeps you from being content.

It is in the absence of who you think you are
where there is perfect contentment.

In meditation, you begin to move beyond
the experience of yourself as the body and mind,
separate from everything else.

The contraction of you begins to dissolve,
and there is unconditional, nurturing peace.
No me or you, just the infinite ocean of consciousness.

As an ego, you live as a resistance to this peace.
You fight it in every moment.

In complete surrender in the moment, you live as love itself.