A Divine Temple

Consumption of animal products has a major negative impact on humans and the environment. Little can be done about such barbarity while most people are ignorant of the harmful effects of eating animal products, and while the murder of animals is condoned by society.

Health is largely a reflection of diet; you are what you eat. Recent research verifies that cancer, heart problems and degenerative diseases are linked directly to an excessive intake of animal products and junk food. We are eating ourselves to slow and painful deaths.

We have no nutritional need to eat animals; this is an unnecessary murder of innocent creatures. Soon we will cease all violence towards sentient creatures; we will live in harmony with nature and with our true needs.

We will look back with disbelief at our present epidemic of self-inflicted disease, and we will shudder at our unnecessary cruelty to innocent creatures. All animals, not just human animals, have a right to freedom from violence and abuse.

An organic vegan wholefood diet is healthy for humans; it obviates the killing of animals and the squandering of water, crops, land and other vital resources that are used in raising livestock.

Veganism will allow the Earth to sustain six to ten billion people with high-quality nutrition without harming the Earth or any creature; veganism is the diet for the new dawn. Your body is a divine temple. Now it is time to start treating it as such. ~Maitreya Ishwara