Where is the Gateless Gate?

Let us relax into Being. In Being attention has no horizontal direction but surrenders vertically into Non-doing, into Rest. When attention rests in an ordinary person, it becomes unconscious. When attention rests in meditation, it merges with Being - it is still conscious but in a state of rest. That is the meaning of Non-abiding.
In Buddhism they say that "the Great Mind has no abiding place." Where could it abide if nothing exists beyond its frontiers? We live presently in the realm of the Manifested. We are closed within the perception of time and space, like birds in a cage. The biggest riddle for all real seekers is: where is the way out, where is Beyond the cage? Where is the secret way to the Beyond, where is the unmanifested? How can one find the unmanifested if the only reality we experience is the manifested? Where is the Gateless Gate? The answer is not a concept but an experience. This experience is itself: Understanding... The Beyond is hidden within the Now. The Beyond is the essence of the Now - it is the Now itself! The Now in truth is not Here. It does not exist in time and space. That’s why, the Now is not the present moment. The present moment is the past already! The Now cannot be grasped but can be attained through conscious surrender. At that moment, we become received by the depth of the Now and we find ourselves on the Other Side, the other side of the Now, which is not Here. Everyone wonders how a Buddha can be recognized. Everyone is looking for some special signs, behaviors and powers... but Buddha cannot be recognized for his/her state is not Here, it is Beyond. “The beauty of his garden is invisible and ten thousands sages could not find him.” The only way to find the Buddha is to become one -- to disappear into the Beyond... ~Anadi