Tune In

Your Real Me is special and profound, but you must be sensitive to see it. This sensitivity which could allow you to meet yourself face to face is not activated yet. You have been living too long in a dream state. You have been so long disconnected from yourself that there is no longer any bridge between you and you. You need to mature. You cannot be forced to mature - you must mature. Awaken the longing for the Self! We cannot make you long for the Self. This longing needs to awaken in your Heart and within your intuition. Most people are too immature to long for the Self. They want to have more money, girlfriend, a new car...etc. But to long for the Self...what to hell you are talking about? Where is the Self? We have never heard about such a thing! Is it a new type of computer?
Who is ready to the enter silence? Most are intoxicated with their noisy minds. The only hope for them is time, time, time and more suffering. Dear friend, tune in. Feel that which is the most intimate...that which is so silent inside that you cannot grasp it but you can feel... and for this you must become silent. It is like to feel the silence of deep mountains we need to become completely tranquil. These mountains are already silent but only through our silence we can access their silence. Here the outer silence and the inner silence become One Silence. ~Anadi Kristof