Baal Shem

In Judaism there is a rebellious school of mystery called Hassidism. Its founder, Baal Shem, was a rare being. In the middle of the night he was coming from the river that was his routine, because at the river in the night it was absolutely calm and quite. And he used to simply sit there, doing nothing – just watching his own self, watching the watcher. This night when he was coming back, he passed a rich man’s house and the watchman was standing by the door. And the watchman was puzzled because every night at exactly this time, this man would come back. He came out and he said, “For give me for interrupting but I cannot contain my curiosity anymore. You are haunting me day and night, every day. What is your business? Why do you go to the river? Many times I have followed you, and there is nothing – you simply sit there for hours, and in the middle of the night you came back.”
Baal Shem said, “I know that you have followed me many times, because the night is so silent I can hear your footsteps. And I know every day you are hiding behind the gate. But it is not only that you are curious about me, I am also curious about you. What is your business?”
He said, “My business? I am a simple watchman.” Baal Shem said, “My god, you have given me the key word. This is my business too!” The watchman said, “But I don’t understand. If you are a watchman you should be watching some house, some place. What are you watching there, sitting in the sand?” Baal Shem said, “There is a little difference; you are watching for somebody outside who may enter the place; I simply watch this watcher. Who is this watcher? This is my whole life’s effort; I watch myself.” The watchman said, “But this strange business. Who is going to pay you?” He said. “It is such bliss, such a joy, such immense benediction, it pays itself profoundly. Just a single moment, and all the treasures are nothing in comparison to it.” ~Osho