Enquiry Not Belief

Holding unverified belief in irrational doctrines is not the way of authentic religion. Unverified beliefs are not your salvation but the barrier to it.
Belief is a poor substitute for a passionate thirst for truth. Unverified belief separates religion from reason.
Unity does not require unverified belief. The new religion of Unity is rational and experiential. You are asked to verify the teaching with reason and with direct experience. After your mind is satisfied that the concepts are rational, you embark on an experiential odyssey of self-discovery to enquire into the most significant existential questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is truth?
Self-enquiry is the foundation of authentic religion. All unverified beliefs are a hindrance to enquiry. Belief limits your intelligence and is not needed.
What is required is a thirst for truth. Unity invites you to put aside your beliefs and to embark on a quest for truth.
The hypothesis of Unity is that ultimately you are God. Become a seeker of truth with one hypothesis to verify empirically: God is all there is and I am already part of Him. This verification heralds the end of religious division and creates the foundation for a rational understanding of religion that we all can share.
Past founders of religions have not created Unity. The reason is timing. Unity is scheduled for the dawn of the third millennium. The time for Unity is now. ~ Maitreya Ishwara

You can find out more about Maitreya's Teachings and access his book at his website: www.ishwara.com