Telling the TRUTH

Usually, telling the truth is very depressing, extremely depressing. If you mix the truth with a bit of lying, if you add a bit of salt and pepper by lying, you find it more delicious !
....On the whole, we are not discussing what you could be or what you should be, but what you are. People have never heard that type of truth before. There's always a tinge of salesmanship involved with telling the truth: "That is what you are, of course -- but we can help you!" Instead, we say: " You are NOT going to be saved. You have your problems --that's fine, everybody knows that. Let it be that way. If you could improvise something along with that, maybe that would be good -- but at the same time, one has to stay with one's own problems." That is the only demand we can make at this point. It is not particularly a money-making venture, but more of a lightening of the air, so to speak. ~Chogyam Trungpa