Being Conscious

One difficulty for Christians is that your religion does not train you in the art of remaining conscious with every moment of life as it is.
Conscious living and being is not attained easily by most humans; people need discipline and commitment to learn meditation. Meditation differs from prayer and contemplation in that it is a non-verbal connection with deeper parts of yourself, and ultimately with God as consciousness.
Start tuning in to your inner world of thoughts, energy and feelings. Watch every inner event closely and with equanimity. Gradually, as your capacity to watch your inner world grows, you develop the art of remaining relaxed and aware in all situations. Meditation will bring about the end of your suffering, as it has for thousands of sincere seekers of truth.
When meditation happens in the context of Thy Will Be Done, rapid spiritual growth occurs. The synthesis of meditation and surrender is the most potent method of transformation. This method does not rely on unverified beliefs, but on a willingness to explore yourself.
Give it a try. ~Maitreya Ishwara