Awareness and Being

Everyone wants to escape from the mind; everyone wants to disidentify with the mind, but where to go? To go beyond the mind does not mean to stop the mind but to find a new location within your existence. This new location is called I Am. From the viewpoint of I Am, it does not matter if you think or not think. Here, you are beyond thinking by your very presence. So how do we create this inner refuge, this inner solidity? By developing attention and by deepening the energy within Being. There is nothing else, in truth, only Awareness and Being. When attention is crystallised, this very attention which is Awareness, is located beyond the movement of thoughts, in its centre. When Being is deepened, you simply rest within. When you abide in Being, you recognise this experience directly. You know that you are abiding within something deeper than thought, you know it directly, even though you may not comprehend it fully. If you wish to follow the Path of Awakening, know that it points to this direct experience of reality, that is, to your very existence. Anything which doesn't bring you to the realisation of I Am, is just a deception. What is truly there is only: Awareness and Being.~Anadi