Q: How can I live up to my highest expectations?

A: You cannot. Because you can always have expectations higher than you can reach. There is no limit to the height of your expectations. So as long as you have expectations, you will feel inadequate. As long as you have expectations you will never be satisfied. But when you have no expectations, when all that is happening is accepted...when you accept that all that is happening, and know that all that is happening is exactly what you need in this moment, and you are open, and allowing, and being with this, then you will be content. So drop all expectations. Instead of dreaming for some special future, see this moment, see that which is real, here, now, and then go deeper and deeper into this moment. With no expectations, all is a gift, all is enjoyable, all is the highest touch with the Ultimate. This moment is the highest spiritual place there is. This moment is the hand of God. Be grateful that you have this moment, and this moment, and this moment... ~Umi