Radical consciousness is unqualifiable, which can be metaphorically indicated by saying that pure consciousness is pure Emptiness. Emptiness is not a concept, it is a simple and direct awareness. Look, right now you can see various colors -- that tree is green, the earth over there is red, the sky is blue. You can see color, so your awareness itself is colorless. It's like the cornea of your eye, which is clear -- if the cornea were red, you wouldn't be able to see red. You can see red because the cornea is "red-less" or colorless. Just so, your present consciousness sees color and is therefore itself colorless. You can see space, so your present consciousness is spaceless. You are aware of time, because your consciousness is timeless. You see form, your consciousness if formless.

So your basic, immediate consciousness -- not the objects of consciousness, but consciousness itself, the witnessing awareness -- is colorless, formless, spaceless, timeless. In other words, your basic and premordial awareness is unqualifiable. It is empty of form, color, space, and time. Your consciousness, right now, is pure Emptiness in which the entire universe is arising. The blue sky exists in your consciousness, right now. The red earth exists in your consciousness, right now. The form of that tree exists in your consciousness, right now. Time is flowing by in your consciousness, right now.~Ken Wilber