Wake up to your eternal identity!

Who is present inside the head? Recognise this very 'I' which is present. It is your very centre of identity behind the mind.

Become aware of thinking, seeing that thinking is arising and passing outside of you. Recognise the centre behind thoughts. This sense of identity behind the mind never changes, it remains always the same. When you recognise the centre in the mind, something very significant takes place. Suddenly, you see that you are not who you thought you were. You discover that you are made from the light of awareness. You have no form, you have no memory; you have no colour, no sex, no nationality, no name… Can you see the significance of this recognition? If you truly see… if you truly see that you have no form – you will be in a state of shock! If you are not in a state of shock, it indicates that you have not seen your true face yet. You are still identified with the form, you are still on the sub-conscious level, identified with your former ego-image.

Recognise clearly the centre behind thoughts and stay with this experience. Abide in the state of pure awareness. Imagine that you do not have any form, you have no memories, no past and no future... You do not know what was yesterday and what will be tomorrow. You have no knowledge, you know nothing… But you are! And when you feel it clearly, you have a glimpse of eternity. You can have an insight into what it truly means to be eternal. It is not merely a poetic expression. Eternity is real. Wake up to your eternal identity! ~Anadi Kristof