To Crystallise Attention

Q: What does it mean to crystallise attention?

A: It means to create certain solidity in the mind. Awareness, in the case of an average person is completely fragmented and dispersed. Therefore, one is not able to experience any clear sense of Me within the mind. For this reason the need to bring the energy of the mind into focus arises desperately. A crystallised attention has continuity, solidity and a clear sense of its subjective existence within the movement of the mind. To crystallise attention is to bring structure or form into the chaos. That's why, all schools of meditation work with the development of mindfulness. Attention which has been crystallised, in the ultimate sense of this word, is self-aware and self-contained. It has become one with itself in an objectless way. But, when the process of crystallisation is complete, the next step is to let go into the space of Being which has no point of reference. This is what we call de-centralisation. Crystallised attention is the essence of our Presence. However, it is only through the letting go of our presence into the Universal Presence that we can become truly absent, that is, absorbed in Reality.~Anadi