During the 4,000 years of the age of darkness, the Kali Yuga, most religions tend to suffer from seriousness and hypocrisy.
God acted a little seriously with His messenger, Jesus, King of the Jews. Jesus was a beautiful man who gave his life for the meek, the poor in spirit. His sacrifice was necessary to create Christianity, the most influential religion of the age of darkness. Now times have changed. The new religion of Unity has a primary commandment: Follow your intuition consciously, without causing harm to any creature. Naturally this cannot work while there are so many violent, uncaring people in the world. Nor can it work when there is such unequal distribution of wealth. Social and political injustice is at the root of much of the crime and violence that plague the world.
We all follow our intuition unconsciously. When we start to follow our intuition consciously - with the understanding that God is the one power that animates us all -we have the basis for a harmonious, just and conscious civilization.
Conscious celebration of life-as-God is a cornerstone of Unity. Joy and playfulness are divine. ~Maitreya Ishwara