...is this: effortless, intense, gentle, happens by itself, watching,
let-go, silly, here-now, a decision of consciousness, internal and universal, fun, orgasmic, without experience, experiential, being,
a movement of love, physical, is.

...is not this: mantra, visualisation, a doing, austere, repetition, something that can be made, in the mind, in the future, in the past, acquired at any expense, imagination.

`There are two aspects of mindfulness: mindfulness of an object and mindfulness of the centre. Mindfulness of the centre is, of course, our goal! Whatever observation is chosen for the meditation, it is just a tool. We can say that any meditation on an object, whether it is breath, mind, body or feelings, is a semi-meditation or negative meditation. “Negative” because it refers to the object and not to the subject. The object always belongs to the past. It is only the subject, the attention prior to perception, that belongs to Now.' ~A.K

Reality without object is the heart of Meditation.