Be Silent and Know

People ask, "If I am already this perfect Self, then why am I suffering?" This is a very good question and one that you should take very seriously. Ask the question of yourself. Why am I suffering? More to the point, ask yourself the question, "Who is this one that suffers?" Don't just skip over the words, lock yourself in a room for a period of time if you have to, face yourself and find out who you really are. If you are confusing yourself with something you are not, you suffer. If you are covering up your reality with a limited false identity, you suffer. When you have a headache, you seek relief and yearn to come back to your natural state in which there is no headache. Likewise, when you feel bound by a false identity you seek liberation and yearn to come back to your natural state, which happens to be boundless freedom and perfect peace. ~Cee

Self-enquiry is an effective method for helping everyone to come home.
You are not what you think.
Be silent and know.