Immaturity and the search in a nutshell!

Unfortunately most seekers aren't really seeking anything much more than seeking itself!

Even though, all seekers are not the same. But our conclusion after years of meeting so called-seekers on the path is that very rarely you find a true seeker! One that won’t settle for less, as his/her heart won’t rest before reaching this clarity and harmony.
The nature of the spiritual journey of most seekers is mainly based on collecting spiritual knowledge, as well as becoming a bit more conscious of their mental and psychological tendencies. Such seekers are searching outside of them, in order to become “More” of what they already are. They desire to empower themselves, and make their earthly life better handled in terms of relieving some of their suffering. They are not searching for a real answer, but more for general sense of comfort and relief. Such limited prospective can have its' relative benefits. Yet, it is far from reaching the potencial of mankind to reach its' true identity. Usually the journey of such seekers will usually fade out after some time, as their quest is not based on a true soul-desire, and in truth it has never truly existed within their hearts, but only within their minds.