Is that so?

The Zen master Hakuin lived a pure life and was greatly respected by all the people in his village. A beautiful girl, whose parents owned a food store, became pregnant and did not want tell who was the father. After some harassment she said it was Hakuin. The parents were very angry went to Hakuin and told him what the girl had said. All he replied was, “Is that so?” When the child was born it was taken to Hakuin – who by this time was in disrepute and had lost his reputation. The parents said, “This is your child and you should look after it.” Hakuin said, “Is that so?” He took very good care of the child – asking his neighbours for milk to feed the baby. A year later the girl, not being able to contain herself any longer, confessed that Hakuin was not the father, but that the father is the fishmongers son. Very apologetically the mother and father of the girl went to Hakuin and told him the story. While handing back the child Hakuin said, “Is that so?”