Notice this

There is only one thing ever to point to for your own freedom.

And it's not a thing, it is this moment. This is where your focus should rest. Not today, not this hour, not this minute nor this second, it is much more simple than that. It is right now, this very moment. To allow everything to be as it is just now. To be present with what is right now.

And right now you exist. Right now, there is a feeling of being. In this moment without referring to your thoughts there is this undeniable sense that you are. Notice this. Not "you are a person" or "your are" anything at all. But simply being. It is indescribable, indefinable, but it is you. If thoughts come, let them come, let them go. If feelings are there let them be. Don't resist anything. Don't even resist the resistance. Because if you resist this moment, if you think it should be other than it is, then you are at war with this moment. And no matter how hard you try and manipulate your world in this moment to be the way you would like it to be, it will only be the way that it is. ~Kip Mazuy