To the actor, all roles are the same. What difference does it make whether you become Jesus or Judas in a drama? If you really know that this is a drama, and Judas and Jesus are all the same behind the curtain, behind the stage - it is just an act - then what is wrong in being a Judas? How can you dislike it? And what is good in being Jesus? How can you like it?
Likes and dislikes exist only when you think you are the doer. Then good and bad come in, then judgement, evaluation, then appreciation and condemnation. Then the duality enters. The duality enters only with the doer. If you are an actor, it is all the same whether you are a Judas or a Jesus. Once you understand the point that life is just a great drama, you are finished with likes and dislikes. Then whatsoever the whole bids, you do it. You are not the doer: you fulfill the desire of the whole. That is one of the greatest teachings of all religions: to become an actor in life. Then like/dislike disappears. When like/dislike disappears, choice disappears - and when you are choiceless, you are free.