Maitreya Ishwara

Every soul’s destiny is reunion with God. The time, date and place are already decided by God. The significant question is when. The answer is known to God alone.
The entire universe and all the microscopic details of its functioning are preprogramed by God. Everything is predestined. This complexity will always be unfathomable to science and even to fully enlightened ones. This means that there are never any accidents; every event is deliberate, everything is perfect. You are divinely programed with an illusory ego that believes in free will and thinks it has choice.
Choicelessness is bliss. To let the energy guide you is freedom; to go with the flow is the way home. To understand: I am already part of God, brings you to the door of the beyond. To pass through the door requires your total let-go. Fear is the last barrier. Take courage. Jump. The other side is love.