Q: Who are you?

A: There is no ‘you'. There is no one here! Here is a presence. But your very question's sub-text, is that there is an identity with Steff. That there is a concept of a ‘me' with Steff. Otherwise you could not ask this question. It is Steff's experience of an identity, that also carries with it the belief that there are other entities that are real. The mind always wants to create a structure of parts, parts that are recognizable. Therefore it becomes necessary to place a ‘who' on all, and ask this question, particularly of one who is not. But the real part that is exposed by your question, is that you need to turn your focus 180 degrees and ask this question of yourself, the question "Who am I?" With this question, and with this question asked with intensity, this sends the mind on a search for its own source, sending consciousness back onto itself in Silent Awareness, back deeper and deeper into the very silence of its origin, deep into that place that is Silent Awareness. Silent Awareness has no words, and so is indescribable. All concepts of the self, are simply creations of the mind, and therefore abandoned. Such concepts are then no more, where this question destroys this question. And then with the mind turning back into itself, back to its source, all the mind's creations, that is all the mind's creations and also the very mind itself, all these evaporate, creating a Satori. ~Umi