Wake up to the Beyond!

As long as you function as a product of the collective mind, you are merely one more insignificant particle of Ignorance. As long as you are a fabrication of collective consciousness, you are not alive. And when you start to question your basic concepts about life and yourself, you begin breaking away from Ignorance.
Collective consciousness has many levels. Spiritual teachings are also part of the collective mind. In order to free yourself from the lower states of the collective mind, you must explore the more developed layers. For instance, instead of pursuing the social model and being a 'good worker' in a factory, you choose a more insightful option and become a Buddhist or .... Nevertheless, you are still not free, you still continue as a part of the collective unconsciousness. As your questioning moves further, you start to question the authority of spiritual traditions as well. It continues until you are completely free and see reality as it truly is!
Do not take existence for granted. The Great Question is: 'what is it?' What is this Existence? Where is it? This world is only in your mind! Wake up to the Beyond! Wake up to the reality beyond name and form. Before you were born, where were you? You found yourself suddenly under the control of some adults, claiming to be your parents. You found yourself in some country which forced you to become its citizen. But do you really belong Here? We are not asking you about your past incarnations but about your timeless, eternal identity – about your identity beyond any incarnation.
Here, we give you answers and questions. And even more important part of our work is to give you the right questions. But they are not your questions yet! They have to become your questions, for we simply mirror your Soul. You are the question and you are the answer. ~Anadi Kristof