Tradition And Security

Q: Why are people so afraid of going beyond traditions?

A: Because they are not seeking truth but rather security. What are seekers doing? They are looking at different traditions like at the menu in a restaurant. They try to find the one that fits themselves the most. Just to fit into one available interpretations of Truth is the greatest happiness for an average seeker! Everybody is following everybody, individual unconsciousness gives rise to collective unconsciousness! Everyone is so unconscious! Nobody has time to look for truth, so everybody wants to follow something which has a good reputation, which has the authority of the past. It is all based on the idea of authority. Authority is a drug against basic fear and insecurity. The reality is that there are few real seekers. From all the so-called seekers, perhaps one percent represent 'real seekers' and one percent of this one percent is ready to see the whole truth. ~Anadi Kristof