A true seeker!

Many 'Spiritual Seekers' are attempting to escape life as it is.

Very few are true seekers.
In my opinion a true seeker is not seeking.
A true seeker is living life fully, unconditionally, gratefully, with awareness and is continually open for anything that happens. A true seeker has come to see that life is about living - in each moment, just as it is. Not thinking about, understanding, working on it or surrendering to it. Not even accepting it. Just living it - with unconditional awareness

A true seeker knows that life is as it is, in each moment.
There is no alternative to this moment, just as it is.

A true seeker has come to see that free will, as we think of it, is an illusion. What we call and like to believe in, as free will, is the temporary illusion that we are able to say yes or no to situations. We can of course, but if we need to experience this situation we will draw it to us time and time again . Until we take responsibility for it.

I am not intending to say that all is one way or the other. The survivor can include expansion into more consciousness, and the seeker can include the material world. It is that one works and the other does not. Nothing on the outside, in itself brings, 'The Peace that Passeth All Understanding.'

Nor am I intending to infer that one state is better than another -seeker or survivor. Everything is.

No matter what, are we having fun?'
~Paul Lowe