The Ultimate Gift

I would love to give all. But I can only give as much as you are ready to receive. I would love to give you this, the greatest gift there is. But the real cannot be given in words. You can only imbibe the real. You have to become more silent. Sometimes I will give it in a simple gesture and for those who are open, I can give it through silence. Be here, and you may receive. Be here, and you may hear the
silence. Be here, and you can open to the totality. None of these words are what I want to say, because that which I would really like to say cannot be said. There are no words for this. There never can be. This is the dilemma of all the mystics. He knows, but he cannot say, and what he says, is not what he knows. In Tao Te Ching from Lao Tzu, he said, "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name." But then there are a few people, open, vulnerable, available people, who will receive a glimpse, a distant feel, and that feel, that glimpse, will become a seed, and the seed will start growing. And the inner silence will shine.

These words are simply to invite you to come along with me and take a jump into the ocean of silence, into the ocean of Love, into the ocean of the ultimate flowering of who you really are. ~Umi