Man's evolution is from innocence to innocence. The first innocence is ignorant, the second innocence is luminous. The first innocence is a kind of sleep, the second innocence is an awakening. The first can be lost, the second cannot be lost. The first has to go -- in the very nature of it, it cannot be eternal; but the second, once it comes, remains forever -- it is eternal.
The first innocence in Christian terms is called Adam. And the second innocence is called Christ. And Jesus is just in-between the two. Jesus is the bridge between the first innocence and the second innocence. Hindus call the second innocence 'rebirth': one becomes twice-born, DWIJA. And that's what Jesus also said to one of the famous professors and theologians of his time, Nicodemus: Unless you are born again, you will not attain to the kingdom of God.

Unless you are born AGAIN...

The first birth has happened, the second birth has to happen... ~Osho