Anadi Kristof

Meditation is not a technique. The technique alone will not do. The State of Meditation is a condition of Being in which you don't do anything. In this state, you rest within Totality becoming absorbed into the Universal Presence. The State of Meditation is the state of surrender. This profound surrender unites you with the Beyond.

The state of mind which all human beings share is quite miserable. This mind is fragmented, chaotic and completely confused. In this mind, there is hardly a clear sense of identity and awareness. That's why, there is serious work to be done. Look at the nature of the mind. Do you see how it controls your psyche and suffocates you with unconscious thinking? There is no peace in such a reality, no silence and no love. In this constant flow of information, perceptions and mental impressions – there is no you! Knowing this, will you continue to live like this? Unless you see the whole pain in this situation, how can you rebel against it? How can you find the necessary strength and dedication to face all those challenges and difficulties on the Spiritual Path? Only thanks to clarity can you devote yourself to the task of liberation.