Pure Is-ness

"Life is a Play, an amazing Play!
Just know who you are, really.
Don’t be deluded by forms.
There is no-separation.
Be playful like a child.
Not childish, childlike.
Innocent, Freedom itself!
Enjoy the Joke!
You are it!
Love too!

Ready to put aside all you think,
all ideas and beliefs you carry about anything?
Just in the instant, know who you are,
beyond identification, memories, expectations,
realize this Silence Aware you are!
Only now. Already Free!

Awakening is your very nature.
It’s not a goal, something to achieve.
Your only job is to let you see,
to realize « This » you already are.
In stillness it reveals itself naturally.
It needs no time, it’s always now!
Beyond identification, what do you want?
Do you want to support the stories?
Or, are you willing to value truth?
That’s freedom itself, « This » you are.

Do you really want to know truth?
Do you really want to know that,
what you call yourself is not.
Do you really want to be who you are?
To be who you are is free.
And much more, Freedom itself!
and the joke is...You are it!" -Unknown